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Will the recovery software show up on the computer that I have it connected to to do the recovery? No, the software always stays on the USB stick itself and the computer is used for its capability to process the software recovery. Of course this can be transferred off and deleted so no trace it left behind. Can this phone software be used to recover data from other types of phones like Windows Mobile?

Home A great selection of resources available from one of the UKs No. Android Phone Recovery Stick. Other payment methods available. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Recovery from Phone SD card The phone Recovery Stick, as an added bonus, is also able to recover some deleted data form the micro SD card that is used in the phone. Investigate Fraud and Infidelity Because of its versatile recovery capabilities and easy-to-use interface the Android Recovery Stick is perfect for business professionals who need to back up crucial data on their smart phone, employers who need to check on employees for misuse of company phones and when investigating fraud and industrial espionage.

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Compatible with Android Phones running operating systems from 1. Now rooting handset will assist in recovering deleted data from Android 5. How far back will the stick recover up to? How long does the process take?

Android Phone Recovery Stick

Will it recover from all Android phones? How many phones can I recover data from? You can use the software on as many compatible handsets as you like. No, this software is purely for Android operating systems. Cart 0. Please refer to the chart below to determine which version of Android deleted information recovery is supported on. Android Version: 1. S upport has been added for Android 7 and Android 8. Supports Recovery of Photos from File Hiding Apps This forensic tool can recover hidden photos and files from the following apps, even if you don't have the app password: System Requirements?

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Facebook Twitter. Clear filter. Unfortunately, i cannot use it because when i reached out to your support desk when it wouldn't run, they said it doesn't run on Windows XP which I have. I haven't used it yet, because I'm having difficulties.. The ones you sent me are not compatible with my mac but that is my fault I didn't realize it only works on PC. The product works perfectly and exactly how they demonstrate on the video. In stock. Out of stock.

Add to cart. USA-based support. Our entire team is located in Dallas, TX. Get advice and lifetime tech support from our experts. How It Works. What's In the Box.

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Expert Advice. Are there deleted text messages, pictures, or videos that you need to get a hold of?

People live through their cell phones these days, and sometimes stuff is deleted - either on accident, or on purpose. The iPhone Recovery Stick makes it easy to get the information you need.

It can take anywhere from minutes, depending on how full the phone is. If you need to save that data for later, you can export it to a spreadsheet, print it out, or mail it to yourself.

iPhone Recovery Stick - Recover Deleted Data from iPhone and iPad

Even 1GB of information is a lot. One last thing - please be aware that recovering deleted info is extremely hard. Messages deleted in iOS It is recommended that you back up your device using iTunes to preserve deleted data. After each backup, copy the backup file to a new location to prevent new backups from overwriting old data. Data stored in iTunes backup files can be recovered any time and all messages deleted within 24 hours of when the backup was created will be recoverable.

Requirements: This works with iPhones running iOS If the iPhone has a passcode, you must enter it.