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A diverse layout format with side blurbs, photos, illustrations and more make for an engaging read, perfect for reluctant readers. This manual was written by a real life former CIA operative; he is also the founding director of the International Spy Museum! This informative book is chock full of goodies for aspiring spies! Watch your back, because after their kids read this one parents may fall victim to some serious espionage and counterintelligence!

Eight Great Books for Your Tween Spy

You can find a lot of books on writing in code. We liked this one because it offers instructions for basic to complex codes, but also includes fascinating historical details. Also try this secret code scavenger hunt my kids loved! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Wednesday 24 July I-Spy children's books make a comeback The 'I-Spy' books are set to return to shop shelves more than half a century after they first became a family hit. Related Articles. The I-Spy books were created by Charles Warrell in Book news. Related Partners. In Book news. Top Galleries. Culture Galleries. Covert they ain't — these books tend to be swaggering, metallised and heavy on the bling, making it clear that they're not for girls.

Although, in my experience, girls mop them up too when they're not absorbing the wise pink words of Darcy Bussell or practising their crochet. Spy fiction has a lot to recommend it, especially to harassed "reluctant readers" who want something a bit more down-to-earth than wands and wizardry on their bedside tables, and prefer their protagonists to have dirt under their nails and swear like sergeants when realism demands it.

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The Cherub series, particularly, is seen and sold as an antidote to prim, sanitised kidfic — books for those tired of reading about posh kids who never go to the toilet. I found the Muchamore books engagingly fast-paced, although there was a gleeful emphasis on bum and balls that occasionally left me gathering my skirts about my affronted ankles.

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  • But the whole Cherub setup, featuring a luxuriously appointed spy school for bright, disenfranchised kids, colour-coded identifying T-shirts, and formulaic but enjoyable missions, is closer to the Harry Potter model than you might think. These books fulfil the same wistful desire — "Make me special" — that magical fantasy does.

    James, the chief protagonist, orphaned in the first book, is plucked from a wretched situation and plopped into the Cherub training facility, where, to quote the website, he transforms "from a couch potato into a skilled Cherub agent". Horowitz's Alex Rider is also orphaned, losing his guardian in the first pages of Stormbreaker, and is similarly transplanted to SAS special training, where his formidable skills are further refined.