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Transcript of 60 Minutes on Echelon

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It has that Apple thingy, which makes it safe. It's not the phone but the user. And, the ones that claim their phone is invincible are the first to fall. Same with how they treat them physically, products marketed as more durable, end up getting treated carelessly. As i said before.. All smartphone have security hole no one is fully protected.

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Best protection is to always be open minded thats you might be hacked , download the wrong app ect. Some ppl live in a false sense of security as the OEM of the phone they use say they are protected well they should never listen to this OEM lies. Any computer can be hacked. After all jailbreaks are done with hacks. Windows has been hacked numerous times.

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No platform is safe from hackers. What does matter is if you are a person worth hacking. For the vast majority of us, the answer is, NO! Now let me sit back with my popcorn and watch all the "damage control" iPhone Terminators appear to make false claims A good laugh is upon us! Also what matter is to always be careful and never think you are invicible like some OEM think they are..

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  3. It was shockingly easy for ’60 Minutes’ to hack a congressman’s iPhone – BGR.

Add on top of that the Android devices that actually have the vulnerabilities are in poverty stricken countries owned by people with no power or money. I'm not being derogatory about that, just a fact. Makes things seem overblown. Considering majority of the global population use smartphones now, literally nobody is safe..

I can see how worried should I be.

'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (VICE on HBO: Season 4, Episode 13)

Live aware but don't live in fear. That's my motto anyway. Also, I highly suggest watching Citizenfour. It's just as crazy, if not crazier than this report. Well actually that is not entire true. As Snowden has made us aware, phone that use GSM not only can be hacked to where the NSA can listen to phone calls, they can also hijack SMS and activate your camera remotely and make it takes pictures. Also I know Samsung has a tool where they can also remotely access your phone, but you do have to install and app first.

I had a Samsung technician, have me download an app, which works very similar to LogMeIn. They can see your screen and access everything once your phone is unlocked by you. Imagine what would happen if the feds also had such a tool Apple was right in not making a permanent backdoor that would give the Feds unlimited access to everyone's iPhone. As far as if they should have unlocked the terrorist phone?

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I could go either way. But, as I satted; theer was no guarantee the gov't had any reason to actually believe the phoen would contain the info they claimed it did. They took and uneducated guess and turns out it had nothing. Do you really think a terrorist organization would have their people leave data on a phone? Also, we dont really know if anythign was found because our on Gov't lies too. The Feds are a bunch of liars and is why terrorists come here an attack innocent people. Stupid fools BlackBerry will return to the top of the world's smartphones business with it's Strongest encryption??

SmartPhones are literally just another form-factor of a PC Personal Computer , they're in no way secure from hacking. Only brainwashed iDiots would think otherwise 'cause their divine company said so That's true, every phone pretty much use the same protocol for wireless communication. When there is a will, there is a way, guess this also applies to the wrong and good side :.